glen gerrard
I am an artist and maker whose creative practice involves stitching, sculptures, installations, painting printing and drawing.  My inspiration comes from experiencing and paying attention to the human condition, with particular concentration on the position of women in Society. My interest lies in the perception of women and explores visible and invisible forces and the transformations they make.  Mixed media stitchings, sculptures, installations and drawings originate from thoughts and ideas that are a consequence of making connections. Stitching is at the centre of my practice.  I enjoy the process of making and constructing.   I experiment with non- traditional materials to subvert the traditional perception of stitching and to push the boundaries of what was regarded as merely a domestic skill.  This has led me to explore and develop the creative process of using materials such as wire, plaster, inks ,paint and print. To further this process I am now studying at University Campus Suffolk, as a mature student, working on the Fine Arts Degree course.  This website will be organic recording my development and some pieces will be “in-progress”!  But always - The personal is the political.  The medium is the message.