glen gerrard
Oil paints
UNARMED                                  print on whole cloth        46 x 60 cm
MONSTROUS ARMY    print on whole cloth  [work in progress]    125cm x 2m    
WAVING NOT DROWNING     Print and stitch on whole cloth  SOLD
DANCE OUT LOUD     print and stitch   43 x 22 cm
BOXED IN     Acrylic on unframed canvas    1m x 2m                               LUST FOR LIFE   Hand Stitched   77 x 60cm
NIGHT TERRORS   ink on whole cloth  90 x 55cm  
I AM ME         acrylic on canvas    50 x 40cm
WAITING I                 stitched with inks                              WAITING II  stitched with inks   45 x 43 cm
AM I ME?                        stitched and painted    SOLD
SHADOW DANCE        stitched and painted      SOLD
IT’S SUMMER AGAIN        applique and inks       SOLD
BETWEEN THE PAST AND THE FUTURE  [Liverpool St.]              applique stitch and inks                SOLD
 VILLAGE AUCTION   applique and inks     SOLD
                       SEE ME    acrylic on board
Faces in a crowd                                            Monoprints on fabric         35 x 25 cm                       
PORTRAIT    oil on board          57 x 46 cm
STUDENT        Oil paint on canvas         50 x 40 cm
WAR DANCE [work inprogress]        Stitch and inks on whole cloth   73cm x 1m
“WAITING“ poem by Faith Wilding,  Hand stitched into 50 m of hand dyed tape.  This project was undertaken in collaboration with the poet.
MALI WOMEN ARE FORBIDDEN TO DANCE Print and stitch on Mud Cloth from Mali    60 x 135 cm
DONíT WAIT TOO LONG          acrylic on unframed canvas            100 x 75 cm
TAKE A DEEP BREATH    stitched face masks
Women can spend a lot of their lives waiting, to grow up, to leave home, to get married, to have children, wait for them to grow up a life can be consumed  waiting on others, a cultural expectation.  My work reflects this aspect and the reaction. each woman as an individual in society fighting her battles. Joining with other women to change society.